Updates and Ramblings

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I wrote anything up here.

No, I lie. I can absolutely believe it. This is why I don’t blog…

Anyway, although the site has been lonely, I’ve actually been pretty busy. You know, making things. I replaced my trusty old Macbook with a Surface Book, which means digital painting is now SO much easier.

case in point

I’ll have some more art to post once I replace my broken scanner, and some photography from my trip to California last year (Redwoods and volcanoes!) once I carve out some time for it.


Mostly, though, I’ve been writing. And by writing, I mean I’ve been in editing hell.


That’s write (haha). 150,000 words of pure awesome, and that’s after I cut almost 20,000 words from that bad boy. But now he’s polished and trim(ish) and ready to be thrown into the world, like a reluctant dragon hatchling tossed from its nest!

More on that fun adventure later. For now, it’s November, and I should be writing.



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