Trees Deserve Our Hugs


Trees are the best, aren’t they?

I mean, they make oxygen, for one, and produce some seriously delicious food. Oranges. Pecans. Olives. They absorb carbon dioxide, help cool the planet, and they’re just so beautiful. Bonus: just being around trees can improve your mental health.

It’s no wonder that trees have been used as symbols of life, wisdom and regeneration literally since people have used symbols. To the Norse, the universe was depicted as a massive, world-spanning tree. Much of Druidism centered on the lore of trees, and sacred Shinto sites are often marked by trees or surrounded by forested landscape. In the Bible, a tree serves as a metaphor for spiritual growth, among many other things.

Trees are the best.

Trees are probably my favorite thing to draw. It’s a kind of meditation for me, when I’m too tense to focus. I start with a vague idea of a tree and let it grow on the paper, sprouting leaves and roots without forethought or planning. Only after its taken form do I trim and sculpt it into shape.

So here, late this Tuesday evening, I share with you today’s endeavor.


It took a bit of yesterday and most of today, which is why I’m sitting here typing at 11 PM. But I enjoyed it immensely. Be back tomorrow.



PS: If you’re one of those people who enjoy coloring, I’m also offering the line art as a coloring page here.


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